Casey's interest in novelty entertainment began when he was 12 years old and was inspired by a television show of a boy riding a unicycle.  His mother gave him a unicycle for Christmas, and when he was 15, he taught himself to juggle.  His first professional job was at Six Flags over Mid-America in 1985.  After college, he moved to Maryland where he became a strolling entertainer for Wild World Amusement Park and then on to the Washington, D.C. area where he succeeded as a freelance entertainer.  Casey was honored by performing at the White House for President Ronald Reagan in 1987.  Other East Coast accomplishments include performing for Circus Vargas (locally known as the Shriners Circus).  Casey's St. Louis experience has been in many venues for more than 25 years -- everything from birthday parties, corporate stage shows, television commercials to events with Macys, The St. Louis Zoo,  Fair St. Louis,  EveryDay Circus, and much much more!  Casey has been a regular entertainer for the First Night River Bend event in Godfrey, Illinois at Lewis & Clark Community College since its inception, 17 years ago!  
Casey 314.739.8470